NuestrO compromiso



                                          HACER NUESTRAS ESTRUCTURAS MÁS EFICIENTES

A standard of efficiency and performance
The Sermaises plant is equipped with technological equipment which allows us to maintain the production in France – where our additives are designed - and to distribute our solutions in accordance with a service and quality charter. Safety and reliable pocesses and facilities are the only warantees of the sustainability of our core business – specialty chemistry. Productivity and competitiveness will secure the sustainability of our business through the constant development of our techniques.

Environmental standard
We control and reduce the impacts of our plant in terms of energy and water consumption, discharge and waste. We also optimize our transportation and delivery routes, in collaboration with our subcontractors, in order to reduce our carbon footprint. The past mistakes have been accepted and taken care of. Even better: we measure the site's influence on environment through bio-surveillance, and now develop biodiversity in its areas of influence, extending its measures to benefit our neighbourhood

Innovate and deploy
A standard must evolve: we are open to ideas and innovations that can help our site evolve, in all fields. A standard must also serve as a benchmark: whenever possible, the good practices developed in France are gradually extended to the CHRYSO group subsidiaries, as soon as possible.

Initiatives examples

  • Energy consumption reduced by 40% per ton produced in 7 years
  • A decrease in our impacts on water
  • A historical site pollution treated on a large scale, and eradicated
  • Installation of bee-hives on the Sermaises site to be used as a bio-monitoring system
  • A partnership with biodiversity associations on our two French industrial sites


Internal communication
The internal upstream sharing of our strategy definition has ensured our policy to be understood and supported by everyone. Regular communication and collective actions, under the aegis of the repetition of a logo, anchor Corporate Social Responsibility as a standard, which is part of the company’s life. To ensure the cohesion of our entire system, we also organize regular events which bring the entire workforce together, and present our achievements and goals in line with the 5 Sustainable Development commitments.

External communication
Presenting our activities and demonstrating what we do; talking about Corporate Social Responsibility (with appraisers, business partners, a dedicated community, local firms, our customers and suppliers, the local authorities, associations, and some private individuals), and federating sharing initiatives are all key factors in the improvement of Sustainability. Showing the actions we are proud of means eliciting an interest that will enrich the community.

Initiatives examples

  • Participation to the “Responsible Chemistry Trophies”
  • Creation of an HSE club, aiming at gathering our customers around common issues
  • Our annual Sustainable Development report has been distributed to a growing number of stakeholders since its creation in 2009
  • Regular and solid RSE evaluation, and voluntary membership to some labels and certifications
  • Communication actins to the neighbourhood
  • A RSE club to share our thoughts to our customers


Influencing our stakeholdersOur suppliers and subcontractors are fully integrated to our chain of value, and we have to influence the way they work.

  • By choosing them on criteria that not only include an economic dimension, but also a social and an environmental one.
  • By early integrating them in our process whenever we are confronted to common physical actions.
  • By soliciting them in our search for innovative solutions in order to meet the priorities we set in the design of our products, services or equipment.
  • By imposing technical specifications to our subcontractors in order to ensure security and reduce the impacts of their activities.
  • By building long-lasting relationships with them so that our partnerships will converge towards increasingly responsible goals.

  • Initiatives examples

    • Creation of CHRYSO purchasing charter
    • Integration of CSR criteria in our suppliers’ evaluation forms
    • Implementation of partnerships with our transportation and plants subcontractors: balancing of their activities, safety trainings, evaluation of their practices
    • Business partnership with a company hiring mentally ill people in ordinary conditions
    • Mutual commitments on transportation and reduction of carbon dioxide